Where's my affiliate link?

Actually, we do not currently have an affiliate program that's open to the public. Our feeling is that the companies that do that simply beef up their traffic prices to support the affiliate program. It's great for the affiliate, but not so great for the advertiser (traffic buyer). 

It's our goal to goal to create a community of people that are making money with our traffic. This is how we want our company to grow - on the success of the traffic. All that said, we do have a private "invite-only" reseller program that does not create that sort of environment. This is available to people that feel the could resell at least 10,000 clicks per month.

If you feel you could qualify for this private reseller program, please send an email to the founder of our company, Harris Fellman, at harris@trafficforme.com 

Thanks for your interest - we love helping our publishers, advertisers, and private resellers make money in a location independent way. :)

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