ADVANCED: What Pages Are Converting the Best?

We can't really disclose specific client's landing pages. 

So, here's an overview of what we've observed in broad strokes to give you an idea of what kind of web sites turn into long term repeat advertisers:

OPTIMIZING marketing funnels on a traffic-by-traffic basis is super important.

BACK-ENDS are super important.

Here's a simple formula to think of:

MF + SF = $
Marketing Funnel + Sales Funnel = Money

Or even better...

Optimized Marketing Funnel + Profitable Sales Funnel = Long Term Success
"Marketing Funnel" is everything leading up to the sale.

It needs to be optimized on a traffic by traffic basis.

If the traffic is coming from *email lists* - then making sure people have a way to opt in to YOUR FUNNEL makes a ton of sense.

If the traffic is coming from *facebook* - then making sure you have a way to communicate with people via FB makes a ton of sense, too, right?

And so on.

Once they get past whatever the marketing funnel is, honestly we've seen every sales funnel under the sun *succeed* and even more *fail*.A) We've seen automated biz op funnels succeed for a long time. (This is sites like MOBE, Empower Network, Internet Lifestyle Network, Big Idea Mastermind, etc.)
B) We've seen people doing low end $17 offers on the front end with decent upsells succeed...C) We've even had LIVE WEBINARS selling $497 products succeed. 

This is just three examples -- We've seen probably a dozen different business models THIS YEAR ALONE that have done well enough to create happy repeat advertisers.

Let's break down the backend on the three above:

A) Many automated biz op funnels have a HUGE back-end though. There are tons of upsells already in place to make money on down the road and a freakin' machine that sells it.
B) The advertisers with low end offers have many other ways to make money in the back end as well. They sell hosting, merchant accounts, give the leads to phone rooms, email them regularly with affiliate produts, etc. The backend here is both internal and external and they usually have 5 or more ways of making money on each customer within the first 15 days.

C) This one just goes straight for the high end sale ... they may have more stuff that they sell to the opt-ins down the road - but if they don't make the webinar convert, they can't keep investing money on advertising.

There is no "one way" -- only YOUR WAY -- or the BEST WAY FOR YOU :)

And YOUR WAY is what makes sense to you -- leveraging what you've been able to make work in the past. 

If you have no past experience - being in one of the automated biz ops is probably your best bet.

If you DO have past experience to draw on ... identify what has worked for you in the past.

You need to feel like you can make over $1 EPC on this traffic. Not *just* with the Front End and Upsells.... but on the backend...

Better if you can make $2-3 EPC. Then you're golden... buying clicks at 60-75c all day long, putting it through your money machine that makes three times the money.

So, remember this: OMF + PSF = LTS
Optimized Marketing Funnel + Profitable Sales Funnel = Long Term Success
An Optimized Marketing Funnel includes everything leading up to a sale. The Profitable Sales Funnel is what you do once they become customers.

There's many ways to skin both of those cats.

Hope this helps.

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