ADVANCED: Difference Beween CPC vs CPM

There's a few different ways that email publishers will sell their traffic:

1) CPC / "Cost Per Click". This is really our preferred way to sell traffic here. It's pretty cut and dry. You pay for a minimum of 1,000 or 10,000 (or however many) unique clicks to be delivered, we track it all on our side inside of T4Me, and we follow up with the publishers on your behalf to make sure the clicks are sent. Almost all BizOp publishers deliver this way and other niches are moving in this direction as well. 2) CPM / "Cost Per Mailing" They like to say that CPM means "Cost Per Mille" (thousand) - but truthfully, they just have a dollar amount to send their entire list on. So, another way to look at it is "Cost Per Mailing". At T4Me, we strive to work with email publishers that offer some sort of minimum click guarantee. This way, the publisher has a little bit of 'skin in the game' as well. This is the 'traditional' way that many dedicated email broadcasts are sold. You'll find Personal Development, Health/Wellness, and other niches are still working on this model.

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