How do I know it's really email traffic??

This is something we take very seriously. If you order email traffic from us, we promise that our publisher will send you 100% email traffic. No bots. No bullshit.

As you know, we handpick all of our publishers, occasionally even we have been duped. When this happens, *we* take responsibility and we take action.

This is a very good reason to deal through a trusted traffic agency like - we stand behind our traffic. You will get the traffic that you paid for.

In the end... it's about the RESULTS.
Honestly we've been looking for a good way to detect click fraud as the clicks are coming in... it's nearly impossible - and even with the best systems it would have the potential to slow down the redirect and lose 'good clicks' as well.

If any shenigans are ever reported, we immediately analyze the IP addresses, pass them through a number of databases and see if they came from bot networks or some other fraudulent source. Some scammers aren't even all that good at it -- you can see the referral URLs coming fromtraffic exchange networks and sites like that.

During our initial testing phase, we have caught 4 or 5 publishers doing various things and we immediately add them to our internal blacklist and never do business with them again.

Another way to determine click fraud is by looking at how long they stay on your site, did they watch your video, etc etc. We've heard a LOT of 'lead fraud' out there in the marketplace lately -- it looks like you're getting an awesome opt-in rate, but in reality they're just pushing leads into your auto responder and nobody really sees the sales page after opting in.

It's kind of like a 'co-registration' but sold as if it's real traffic. Nothing wrong with co-reg if that's what you're paying for, but it's usually quite a bit less per lead than with the 'traffic with pushed lead' way.

We've caught one active publisher doing this in the past and kicked them out of the agency, did not pay them, and added them to our blacklist.

We then bought replacement traffic for the advertiser as well. We do our best to make situations like this RIGHT. We take click fraud very seriously as it's our promise to you that you're getting the traffic you paid for.

Hope this helps

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