100% Top 5 vs Premium Email Traffic

What is the difference between 100% Top 5 Email Traffic and Premium Email Traffic?
Premium Email Traffic is from our very best converting, handpicked, and tested publishers. These lists are better than you will find anywhere else on the web. Typically, they have a list comprising of subscribers from all over the world and at least 80-85% are from the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. (These are the "Top 5 English Speaking Countries".)
100% Top 5 Email Traffic are from the exact same lists. However, the publishers filter out all clicks that are not from the Top 5 countries and send them elsewhere instead of your site.
Which countries are best for your site is completely up to you.

We also recommend that you watch the videos in this help section entitled "BizOp Traffic Types Explained" for further info on this topic.

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