How is T4Me different than other companies?

First and foremost, we are the only traffic broker who BLOCKS clicks that we think are suspicious (bots, crawlers, duplicate clickers, etc).We believe you should only pay for CLEAN traffic. Real humans who are REALLY interested in what you have to offer.

Even still, we don't over inflate our prices like most of the traffic brokers out there do. We have better performing lists and even exclusives with some publishers (list owners).

We hand pick all of our publishers, test them, and then put them in the agency. Unlike many traffic brokers out there, we actually track your results on a publisher-by-publisher basis. Most others essentially buy from 10 lists and then mix them all up together... having no chance of knowing which performed best for you and which didn't.

We test for opt-in conversion rate, sales conversions, and speed of delivery. That is how we determine the quality rating for the lists. We only sell Premium Quality or better... and then we scrub out any suspicious clicks, too! The other brokers don't really do any of that. They generally charge you more than what we charge, allow bot clicks to count, and are nowhere near the same quality we provide.

We don't often like to talk about the other companies out there - but hey, you asked! :-)

Hope this helps!

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