How do I know visitors haven't seen my offer yet?

Ultimately, all of our publishers are constantly refreshing their lists. Many getting between 1000 and 5000 opt ins per day. New people are always looking to make improvements in their lives.

On one hand ... if you have a totally unique offer, and you buy just 500 or 1000 clicks from us... our publishers are all pretty big. The ability to mail 500 clicks is the minimum we allow (except in starter packages). We handpick all of our publishers, test them, and then put them in the agency. We track your results on a publisher-by-publisher basis instead of buying from 10 lists and homogenizing the results, like many traffic brokers out there.

On the other hand, if your offer is Empower Network/iPas, LXLPro, Digital Altitude, Easy1Up, SBC, MOBE, or any other popular business opportunity... then after the first five or six months on the market, most "lists" have seen your offer... whether through T4me or somehow else. Yes, there's always a bit of cross-over between lists, but after 6 months or so on the market there will be a build up of people that have seen the offer.

Either way, we test for opt-in conversion rate, sales conversions, and speed of delivery. That is how we determine the quality rating for the lists. We have Premium Quality, Good Quality, and Economy... and charge less or more depending on where they go.

Hope this helps.

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