What about Underdelivery?

What if I don't get all the clicks I paid for?
If you're purchasing a CPC (cost per click) campaign, we guarantee that the list owner will send at least the number of unique clicks you paid for. 

Actually, every campaign has a little bit of overdelivery built in - however, the 'extra clicks' are usually lost. It's difficult to understand this when you're just starting out - but, basically, there's always a little click loss when going from an email to a tracker to a redirect to another tracker and then finally to your page, and so on.

So, we actually ask that all of our publishers (list owners) send 5-10% extra traffic so that they hit your site with the amount of clicks you paid for. Both you, the advertiser and the publisher both agree to accept TrafficForMe.com's stats count as the final number in case of discrepancy.
We're constantly following up with our publishers to make sure the traffic is sent as quickly and efficiently as possible. So, if our stats show less than the number of unique clicks you've purchased, then it remains in the publishers "incomplete" campaign area and we'll follow up with them in ensure all clicks are delivered.
Just one of the benefits of dealing with TrafficForMe.com!

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