Our official Refund Policy is below. Please contact us via the Inbox above or via Live Chat if you have any issues whatsoever. Thanks!


The advertiser will provide TrafficForMe.com ("T4Me") with their link(s) and T4Me will, in turn, provide a final Tracking Link to the publisher. Both advertiser and publisher agree to use T4Me’s stats in consideration of whether or not the order was fulfilled. 

T4Me makes every effort possible to deliver you the best quality traffic available. Due to the nature of business, however, results will obviously vary from advertiser to advertiser.  For this reason, we have the following Satisfaction Guarantee:

REFUND POLICY: If traffic has not yet been started, we will refund your payment in it's entirety. If traffic has been delivered and you are unhappy in any way, T4Me will review your information, discuss with the publisher on your behalf, and offer options to remedy your particular situation.

These remedies will include one or more of the following solutions: 100% Refund, Partial Refund, 100% Make-Good Mailing, Partial Make-Good Mailing, other remedy. 

Advertiser hereby promises to contact T4Me in the event that they are unsatisfied in any way in order to give T4Me the opportunity to remedy the situation to the best of their ability. 

Furthermore, Advertiser & Publisher will both defend, indemnify and hold harmless TrafficForMe.com, its partners, agents, affiliates, and licensors from any third party claim or liability arising out of or related to this traffic campaign.

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